Relish apparel features inspired designs from small, independent labels. We're especially drawn to the drapery and movement of fabric, uneven hem lines, and a subtle color palette. This season-less, timeless selection is perfect for building a wardrobe one piece at a time. We offer jewelry from regional and national artists known for creating signature designs using a variety of metals and accents in unusual combinations. Fashion forward shoes and handbags emphasize exceptional materials and attention to detail without compromising comfort.

Relish Home Goods

Textiles, lighting and modern-inspired furniture are examples of the crafted home goods you'll find at Relish. Our soft-modern approach to product selection celebrates the use of unexpected materials, color, pattern and texture with attention to both form and function. Much of the merchandise is acquired from studios or cottage industries where design and freshness are priorities. The notion is to pick up where other shopping venues leave off and to encourage individual expression.

About Us

Relish opened its doors in 2004 to a curated collection of contemporary home furnishings, lighting and art objects as well as Bloomington's most creative selection of women's apparel and accessories. This local downtown destination invites you to experience an ever-changing showcase of select product in a loft-like environment.

Brad and Sharon Fugate chose to locate this independent marketplace in the heart of Bloomington, between the courthouse square and the B-Line Trail.